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Tsar's Road Manor House

The Manor House is located by the "Tsar's road", built by the Russian Tsar at the end of the 19th century. While preparing the construction of "The Manor House" we tried to get the building harmoniously incorporated into the beautiful and intact Biebrza landscape. We designed a classical "Polish manor", built with logs, covered with a pitched aspen chip roof. The foundation and stairs are made of square stone (just like it has been built for ages in that area).

Natural meadows spread out all around, surrounded by woods. In the spring and summer the scent of flowers and freshly mowed grass wafts everywhere. Eagles and black storks circle over the courtyard, while snipes, common snipes and woodcocks toot in the air. From the swamps, the clangour of cranes can be heard. From the terrace you can see geese, cranes and white storks gathering on the meadows.

The finishing elements are modelled after the carpentry of the Podlasie province. In the interior design of the restaurant and hotel rooms we used old furniture, dowry chests, barriers and looms. We have looked for objects from the past in house attics of neighbouring villages. We hope that thanks to our endeavours we could render the atmosphere of an old borderland manor house at least to some degree

Our cuisine is regional and Polish. In the regional menu we recommend pierogi, "grapeshots" (potato dumplings with meat) and potato cake. Moreover, fish from the Biebrza river, venison and mushrooms are on our menu all the time (our region is a paradise for mushroom pickers). We also provide catering services.

"The Manor House" is situated in the protection zone of the Biebrza National Park, near many important tourist trails. We offer:

punkt Hikes along tourist trails with a guide
punkt Bicycle trips
punkt Chaise rides or rides in traditional country teams
punkt Canoeing or rafting trips
punkt Sleigh rides with a bonfire
punkt Dog-sled rides
punkt Bonfires, barbecue parties, feasts
punkt Integration meetings
punkt Archery competitions with a visit to "the King of the Biebrza River"
punkt Balloon flights
punkt Balls, feasts, old Polish wedding parties


We have 26 beds at your disposal.

punkt Single room - 110 PLN
punkt Double room - 160 PLN
punkt Triple room - 220 PLN
punkt Four persons room - 240 PLN - large family rooms

An abundant regional breakfast is included in the price. All the prices are gross prices.

Do you have any questions, want to book only accomodation?
Write directly to the manager of the house. If you register you will automatically get a telephone number to this lodging.

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If you have any questions about bookings -
call us: (+48 85) 738 07 85
or send us an e-mail:
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